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Books by Willie and Jeanne Worthy

We hope you enjoy reading and using these books as much as we enjoyed exploring western Montana for the best 4x4 trails to share with you.

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We recently found out from our readers that several routes in our first book “4x4 Routes of Western Montana”  may or may not  be still open to vehicle usage. We have not been able to confirm  the information we have received at this time. As we stated on page 5:  “However, some closures may have taken place after this book was published.  If in doubt, always check with the proper land management agency.”  In this instance it would be the U.S. Forest Service, Pintler Ranger District, 88 Business Loop, Philipsburg, MT  59858, 406-859-3211. However you will most likely not be able to talk to anyone with knowledge of these routes.

On page 97 “Turn off to Elliot Lakes” may be closed.

On page 100 “Optional Route to Mt. Ben Lake” may be closed.

On page 130 “Junction 2 turn off to Ivanhoe Mine” may be closed.

On page 135 “Snow Cap Mine Route” may be closed.

On page 174 this route which runs along the south side of Boulder Creek may be closed.

On pages 214, 215, and  216 “Tree Slide Road Route” may now be closed.

NOTE: In "4x4 Routes of Western Montana" under the Deer Lodge-Dempsey Basin, Carruthers Lake Route, both Mountain Ben Lake and Elliot Lake are closed to 4x4 vehicles and are ONLY OPEN to ATV/OHVs according to Beaverhead Deer Lodge National Forest representatives, Will Spoutis, recreation specialist, and Jocelyn Dodge, recreation forester. BHDL NF is currently working on their motor vehicle travel plan and will then issue a motor vehicle user map.  We will let you know when they will be taking public comments here and on our Facebook page.


We had kept your postage cost as low as possible at $8.25 per book priority rate.  There were postal increase in 2022 to $9.25, and then again on 7-9-23 to $9.95, so that is the current price to ship priority.  IF you order two or more books, and contact us beforehand, we will send them via media mail which is considerably less expensive, BUT we have to take the books to post office to be weighed.  Pay for the books only with NO shipping and we will then bill you for the shipping cost on Pay Pal.




The closure starts at the "turn-around"/parking area I consider the trailhead to FSR 965 (Mckelvey Lake and Twin Lakes).

"Many of you are aware that we have major issues with North Meadow Trail #965/6340. This is the main motorized route that goes up to Lower Twin Lake in the Tobacco Root Mountains. The 5 trail bridges on the route have been deemed unsafe to cross and the trail is currently closed."

This is the current update from the Bozeman Mountaineers 4x4 club facebook page as of mid March, 2022:  

   Update on the North Meadow Creek Bridge Project.

   Both rough sawn and treated timber has been ordered for all 5 bridges. We still need to get hardware and       other smaller items.

   We are going to start bridge construction the weekend of July 16th. More details on that to come.

   Joel Sather and the people down at the Ennis Forest Service district office have been great to work with!          Other FS districts would have simply closed things down, but these guys are truly interested and pro active    in keeping trails open for everyone.

  If you want to help by donating directly; CBU, M4x4A, and Trailriders are all setup to accept tax         

  deductible  donations for the project.  Go to their websites or facebook pages to donate.

  I also want to thank everyone who supports, works during, and comes out to compete in our annual Hill &    Hole and Mudbog during the Fair. We always give back to some sort of trail project or motorized access     

  group. This year we were able to pay for the rough sawn wood on 4 of the 5 bridges. That’s about 31,000 lbs

  of lumber going to a great cause!

  Thanks!      Rob"

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